My fascination for birds started in my early childhood when I helped my dad raise canaries as a hobby. 

Originally from France, I have spent most of my adult life in Santa Barbara and took on a lifelong challenge to photograph hummingbirds visiting my backyard. 

For years, my family and I have been going on wildlife adventure trips off the beaten path in Central America, where I document our trips by taking photos of orchids and other exotic plant species as well as birds, butterflies, frogs, sloths and manatees. 

In 2017, I realized the Santa Barbara region was also a haven for birds and took birding field classes to learn more about them. It is so much fun teaming up with birders/bird watchers of all levels trying to identify bird species we see or hear that I have attended the same birding class three years in a row.

When I am not working as a Business Consultant, I volunteer with the Santa Barbara Audubon Society and appreciate connecting with people who share their passion for protecting birds and their habitat.

I started this blog to share with you the knowledge I gathered about the Birds of Santa Barbara. My posts include photos and videos of birds and their habitat as well as practical information about birding locations in the Santa Barbara region. I also provide bird friendly yard tips, and share education and conservation information.

Whether you are new to birds or an avid birder/bird watcher, I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and be motivated to explore the outdoors and connect with the Birds of Santa Barbara in their habitat.

Let's go birding!


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