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Black-headed Grosbeaks visited our backyard during spring migration!

Early April, we started putting a few sunflower seeds out to attract Oak Titmice and just like that Black-headed Grosbeaks started showing up for the first time. As they were migrating from Mexico, they stopped by our backyard 2 to 4 birds at a time over a period of 2 weeks.

They seem to have different behaviors, some were more aggressive, others were discreet.

Both males in this video stayed 2 days. The male to the left patiently waited for the dominant male to finish eating.

Most groups only stopped by our backyard for a few hours to eat and drink. They took turn eating and flew back up high to perch in tall trees.

I was only able to take a couple of photos and this video of this shy female.

Female was migrating with this male which had its crest raised while eating. It also had interesting white patches on its tail.

Black-headed Grosbeaks have large conical bills that are thick at the base. They cracked open and shelled the seeds before eating them at a fast pace. We had to refill the feeders several times a day.


Interesting Fact

Black-headed Grosbeaks are able to feed on Monarch butterflies without getting poisoned.





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