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Spring Birding | Borrego Palm Canyon, Anza Borrego, CA

Habitat: desert

$10 day use fee.

The trail starts near the parking lot, open-air bathrooms and desert pupfish pond. The trail leads to the third-largest palm oasis in California. It is a three miles round trip with a 600' elevation gain.

Borrego Palm Canyon, Anza Borrego, CA - Ocotillo

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher.

Crossing the creek on slippery rocks while the wind was blowing was a little challenging.

Common Raven standing on a fallen palm trunk.

Male Phainopepla.

We heard a Rock Wren several times but could not get a photo. It is nevertheless a new life bird.

This Cactus Wren was quiet and we only noticed it when reviewing the photos.

Stunning male Costa's Hummingbird.

Costa's were enjoying the Chuparosa nectar.

The trail gets narrow at times.

View of the creek looking downstream.

The palm grove was closed due to a fire that occurred in January 2020 when 60 mature palms went up in flames.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker seen on one of the burnt palm trunks.

Some history about the California fan palm (Washingtonia filifera) which is the only palm tree native to California.

The trail ended at the "CLOSED for restoration" sign.

On our way back down, a Canyon Wren was singing.

It was interesting to discover desert wildflowers in bloom while birds were not present.

Female Costa's Hummingbird.

Looking east toward Borrego Springs.

California Barrel Cactus blossoms.

Borrego Palm Canyon, Anza Borrego, CA -  California Barrel Cactus

Beavertail Cactus in bloom.

Borrego Palm Canyon, Anza Borrego, CA - Beavertail Cactus

Our hike.

We identified 16 bird species, other species included Turkey Vulture, Red-tailed Hawk, Say's Phoebe, House Finch, Lesser Goldfinch, Spotted Towhee, Orange-Crowned Warbler and White-winged Dove.


Credits and Additional Information

Borrego Palm Canyon, a beautiful oasis in the Anza-Borrego Desert, is home of the Canyon Wren.

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