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Winter Birding | Santa Barbara Harbor & East Beach, Santa Barbara, CA

This post is about the 4th week class of 2020 Birds of the Santa Barbara Region: Intermediate.

Class met at the Santa Barbara Harbor. Our group walked along the harbor walkway towards East Beach. A male Great-tailed Grackle welcomed us while warming up its "voice".

Surf Scoter morning workout at West Beach.

Buffleheads, Brown Pelicans and Double-crested Cormorants could be seen from the beach.

This Willet is wintering in Santa Barbara.

For some reason, this Marbled Godwit had 2 shadows.

A Snowy Egret resting at the mouth of Mission Creek.

Another beautiful day in Santa Barbara!

The group looked for the Black Skimmer colony that usually hangs out at the mouth of Mission Creek, but only American Coots, Buffleheads and Gulls were present.

We walked back to the Harbor. On the Breakwater we saw a Black Turnstone and a Surfbird.

These Royal Terns seemed to be really enjoying their morning in SB.

Brown Pelicans were trying not to disturb the Gulls sound asleep next to them.

This Eared Grebe, a long-distance migrant in nonbreeding plumage, was making ripples in the Harbor.

The group then went to the Andree Clark Bird Refuge for a little while and tallied 34 bird species.



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